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Facebook Marketing 101: The Basics

Did you know that Facebook now has around 1.44 billion monthly users and over 1.25 billion mobile users? This makes it the world's largest social networking site. Facebook is so popular that it has more users than the population of some countries!

Facebook is one of the go-to social media networks for marketers that want to influence their followers, develop an online presence, offer new goods, or just make their brand more noticeable.

This guide will explain all you need to know about Facebook marketing.

Why Use Facebook For Marketing?

When it comes to using Facebook for marketing, the following advantages stand out:

Marketers Can Target Customers With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are among the greatest paid ad options available. Facebook ads work well to brand a company, boost visitors to a blog or website, and get visibility since they can target certain demographics.

Custom Tabs Enable the Creation of a Distinct Page

Facebook, allows users space for customisation. Create unique tabs to direct visitors to your business or other social media networks to let your page stand out. This might assist you to route visitors to your pages.

Facebook Contests Attract the Audience

Facebook contests allow businesses to promote their products or services widely. Facebook competitions also make it simple for marketers to promote their products while also forming long-term commercial connections with other groups.

Facebook Is Ideal for Video Marketing

People who watch a brand's videos are 1.81 times more likely to buy than those who don't. To create a broad, profitable, and multi-faceted marketing plan, you must include video material. Therefore L, Facebook is the ideal medium for companies to engage customers via video.

Facebook has added auto-play to its mobile news feeds, which is quite exciting. Now that mobile users have auto-play, advertisers can be confident that their videos will reach a wide range of Facebook users.

Furthermore, the number of videos played on Facebook daily are now at 8 billion, up from 4 billion in April 2015, proving that Facebook video is both popular and expanding.

Facebook Offers Monitoring and Statistics of Your Audience

Facebook provides advertisers obtain audience insights that help them better understand their audiences. Marketers can now get data on their consumers':

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Lifestyle

  • Education

  • Marital status, and much more

These in-depth findings are great for firms looking to better target clients at various stages of the buying process.

How To Effectively Use Facebook as A Marketing Tool!

Let's talk about how to leverage Facebook efficiently in your marketing approach. Here are some helpful hints to get you started:

Maintain Consistency In Your Branding

To effectively sell on Facebook, keep your branding consistent across all mediums. That is, your company's logo, colours, and personality should be retained. Make sure to cross-link your other social media channels.

Describe Your Company in Detail

Customers often use social media as a search engine, thus it's critical to maximize your social presence. This entails updating your firm name, location, contact information. This is the first information interested clients will check for. Include connections to your company's blog and other social media sites to improve traffic.

Do Not Post Too Much

Having a Facebook page doesn't help your business unless you use it often but don't go beyond. Posting too much can irritate clients and cause them to leave your page. Focus on quality over quantity to avoid this and deliver useful value rather than irritating persistence.

Post At the Most Effective Time

Like any other social media network, there is a best time to publish on Facebook. In general, Facebook posts produced between 1:00-4:00 p.m. on weekdays and 12:00-1:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays attract the highest traffic. Posting during these busy periods will guarantee that your content is seen by a large audience.

Use Page Insights to Boost Throughout

Facebook's Page Insights feature is one of the best. Page Insights allows advertisers to measure how many people like or see pages and articles, as well as how many click, link, or share information. These insights let companies deliver specific value to users and respond to their individual demands.

Engage Your Fans

Facebook is the ideal medium for consumer connection. Marketers that engage with their readers get more followers and distinguish themselves as industry leaders. You should read and reply to any comments on your page and promptly address any consumer queries or issues. This is especially important during marketing or promotional seasons. While this may seem like a little point, it may help keep your consumers satisfied and boost your Facebook marketing.

Change the Type of Content

People will grow bored if you just upload the same sort of information, delivered in the same way, no matter how good it is. Experiment with alternative material types including videos, slides and webinars, as well as other promotion methods. Try altering the image size or utilizing memes to attract attention. Keep your audience interested by varying your updates


Use Motivators and Calls to Action

Don't merely publish a link and expect people to click it. Actively encourage them to do so. Tell them what they'll gain by connecting with your content. There's no need to explain why they should interact if you've already explained why they should. Then ask them to click!

Share Useful Information Regarding Non-Business Topics

Don't forget to inform your fans about upcoming events, even if they aren't related to your business. Share information about upcoming school fetes or the next racing schedule. This personalises you and your business.

Stalk Your Competition on Facebook

Keep a watch on your competition to either hop on their bandwagon when something wonderful happens or fill a space they've left open for you.

Keep One Step Ahead!

People seeking companies like yours on Facebook are already browsing for your type of company! The only way to interact with them is through a well-thought-out Facebook marketing campaign.

The world of Facebook marketing is vast and frightening. There's so much to explore! Do you need help with your Facebook content? Do not hesitate to contact us for help with some killer marketing content for your Facebook page!

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